Laying Route to Market Rails for African Retail

Getting goods from people who make them to people who need them, when they need them.

we route africa's biggest brands
our why

The cornerstone of African retail is the micro-retailer and yet they remain underserved

Our goal is to grow the total market for consumer goods and in turn grow the businesses of our customers in the process. We partner with upstream suppliers to increase access, affordability and revenue to downstream customers.


Retailers on-boarded


Supplier partnerships


Estimated value of African Retail Sector

our products

Products designed to tackle each pain point on the value chain


A self-serve wholesale app that retailers use to discover and purchase goods on demand.


A direct to consumer app that serves as a marketing and product testing sandbox for our suppliers


A decentralized, gamified sales rep platform for making  sales and earning incentives

FMCG Cloud

A Salesforce and Data platform provided to large suppliers to manage their direct route to market ops


A network of retailers whom we enable with imaging, POS tools and working capital


What they say about us

“I purchase inventory with ease and also get free delivery

Dennis, Segerea Store

“I love inalipa because of good pricing and scheduled delivery

Paschal, Yahaya Store

The people at inalipa make it a great place to work"

Fadhili, inalipa Rider

“Through JUMLA, I get authentic and original products

James, Biggy Shop